This Is What You Should Do If You Get A Suspicious Email

When you apply for a job, one of the requirements that is not written and that you must have is an email address. Yes, many companies prefer to receive applications via email for a variety of reasons. Besides saving more paper, emails can also be obtained on time and are official. Also, e-mail has an email verification facility that can be used by companies to filter e-mails from job applicants or e-mail for business purposes.

We also often see that many people misuse email for a crime. In addition to stealing data, e-mail can also contain bad things that damage the device or even the server network. Yes, this is very terrible and there have been many examples of cases that occur around us. Therefore if you get a fraudulent e-mail the actions that must be taken are as follows:

1. Don’t open emails that you suspect
When you get an email from a stranger, you should not open it or open the attachment in the email. Next, activate the message filter in your email

2. Don’t easily trust emails that offer a variety of gifts
When you see a story on your social media homepage, that doesn’t mean it’s not a fraud. Sometimes, click-jacking victims do not realize that they have become victims.

3. Take care before clicking
To find out the type of site from a link, you can hover over the URL. Ideally, you only visit sites that you know and trust.

4. Keep on alert
Every time you are asked to do something, like filling out an information sheet or downloading a plug-in or just sharing an e-mail that you have received, you should not immediately believe. Read the content carefully before taking any particular action.

5. Active reporting
If you find suspicious content or activity on your email inbox, ask your friends or if you are serious about reporting it to your email service provider.

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