This Is How To Maintain Your Floor Tiles

Hearing the word tile maybe we will remember the houses of antiquity before 2000. It is true that floor tiles are a type of floor covering that was famous at that time. Floor tiles have been used for a few centuries ago. Floor tiles are very suitable for colonial buildings and retro architecture. At first glance, these floor tiles are similar to ceramics but have a rougher surface. Floor tilhave many attractive color and motif variants. However, the shortage of floor tiles is very vulnerable to dirt and if it’s exposed to acids such as vinegar it will leave behind stains on the floor tiles. That’s why you may have to call the company of Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches from time to time carpet cleaning specialist.

Floor tiles are now rarely used by the public. People prefer ceramics that are considered better in terms of quality and easier to maintain. However, some buildings with a classic style and tomorrow prefer to use floor tiles because it gives a distinct impression that cannot be replaced by ceramics.

This type of floor tile actually is not too difficult to treat but requires special attention to keep its surface still shiny.

Here are some tips on caring for floor tiles so they stay durable:

For daily cleaning, floor tiles are simply swept away using just a broom. Sweep as smooth as a sweep on ordinary ceramic.

Floor tiles can be moped with clean water. Do not use too much soap so as not to damage the surface of the floor tiles.

If the floor surface is no longer smooth, use coconut fibers to rub the surface of the floor evenly so that the floor looks smooth again.

To maintain the surface of floor tiles, you can use diesel fuel that is wiped onto the floor evenly. Make sure after that use a dry cloth so that the floor surface is not slippery.

Maintenance of floor tiles should be done within 2 weeks to 1 month so that floor tiles remain smooth and shiny.

Wipe immediately and wipe with soap if the floor is exposed to acids such as vinegar.

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