There Are Ways To Get Natural Light In An Office Room

There are many ways that workers can do to get natural light from the morning sun in the office room. Can be out of the workspace briefly or by other means. After all, the body only takes a few minutes to meet the needs of natural light. The problem is, if you return to the workspace and there is no gap for natural light to enter the workspace, it will certainly cause stress to arise easily. Additionally, if you feel like your office is too dirty, noisy, and dark, perhaps you must find a new, better coworking space near me

For that, there are several ways you can do to meet the needs of natural light in an office room:

Take advantage of the window of the room

The ideal room is one that has a window. The window functions as an entrance for sunlight and air circulation.

For lighting, you should adjust the position of the table and chairs so that they get sun exposure. Sunlight is maximized as a substitute for room lights. So you can save electricity.

Meanwhile, to get the right air circulation, you can make ventilation holes above the window, or open the window door with an additional mosquito wire. So it is not too much exposure to dust and pollution.

Maximize incoming sunlight

The ideal working hours for workers are 8 – 5 pm. Although there are also new ones starting at 9 in the morning. This is the maximum time for sunlight and is right for vitamin D.

After repositioning and rearranging work tables and chairs, arrange neatly so that work productivity is maintained. Do not let you overheat because of too much direct sunlight.

Indirect lighting precisely regulates work rhythm stability

Referring to the previous point, if you feel hot and hot, it means that light is coming directly into your body. If you work in conjunction with digital devices such as laptops or smart devices, it can affect eye fatigue and heat devices.

Work tables and chairs that are arranged certainly need to pay attention to balance for the stability of the work rhythm. This fact has an impact on the health of workers, even productivity. Adjust the position of the table and chairs a little far from the window.

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