These Are 5 Considerations For Placing An Air Conditioner

The way to determine the placement of air conditioners in the house has its own rules. Starting from the location, the unit to be installed, until the ideal installation distance. The goal is that the AC that we install as a whole can function well to cool the entire room blog link. After we buy an air conditioner we are often confused about where to put the right one, sometimes people often put the air conditioner in the wrong place because of ignorance of information about the placement when installing the air conditioner. If the wrong place can result in an AC performance which is not optimal. When it happens, perhaps you want to consult with the technician of aire acondicionado tijuana.

Before we discuss the placement of air conditioners, we must know in advance that the AC unit is divided into 2 parts, the first part is called the indoor unit, and the second unit is the outdoor unit. Each unit has a different way, size, and installation rules.

You can consider these 5 things to determine the placement of an air conditioner in your house:

1. In order to maximize the performance of the air conditioner, it is recommended that the installation of the indoor unit between the inner and outer walls of the house with the outdoor unit.

2. It should be noted at the time of installation of the Indoor unit, the direction of the wind gust produced by the AC should not directly affect the body. Because if it’s directly on the body it’s not good for health.

3. The recommended distance between the indoor unit with a ceiling of at least 15cm, minimum right and left side distances of at least 15cm. The distance from the floor to the indoor unit is at least 250cm.

4. It is forbidden to install the Indoor unit above and directly in front of doors, windows, also electronic items that produce heat such as stove, tv, home theater, etc.

5. If there is more than one indoor unit in the room, you should not blow in the direction of the wind.

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