Things You Should Pay Attention To British Citizens

When we stay or just stop in a new place that we have never visited before, of course, we will keep the behavior and speech so as not to make a wrong move. This is also what we do when we go abroad. There are many articles that we can read to find out the habits and culture of a country. In the UK, after we take the so we can communicate with the people there, we also have to pay attention to other things so it doesn’t look weird.

The habit of dressing in England is quite relaxed. Students adjust their clothes to the season. If you are going to attend an interview or an official event, you are well-dressed and polite.

Campus Life
England is the best country to learn English. English courses are available for all levels. Life on campus is also quite friendly and tends to be relaxed and informal. In England, you don’t need to be embarrassed to ask. The campus staff is quite close to students, where students are always encouraged to come to the office and discuss anything, from difficulties in learning to personal problems. The majority of campuses also provide student associations and special services for international students.

If you want to greet someone for the first time, you just do it with a handshake. Eye contact is important to show your sincerity, but excessive eye contact is considered disturbing. In the UK, asking someone’s age and income is considered rude. If you want to start a conversation with your new acquaintance, you can chat about their news, what they do or comment on the weather. The English may look quiet for the first time, but once you start chatting with them, you will find that they are friendly and fun people.

Britons value time. Make sure you are always on time for all invitations and events. If you are invited to dinner, bring a bottle of wine or chocolate or flowers for the host. If you are invited to a party, bring drinks to enjoy with the crowd.

England is a multicultural country with residents from various countries. So the local people are very open to a foreign culture, and they welcome the arrival of international migrants well.