Remove Dullness From Tiles

It is not a pleasant feeling if a simple, minimalist home is beautifully damaged with a view of a dull tile floor. Besides the advantages and disadvantages of tile floors, the material included in one of the materials in building this house is indeed the most widely used in various types of houses because the price is affordable and has an attractive appearance. However, tiles that had been used for too long tended to dim the sparkle and become dull. Why is that? This can be triggered by dirt that settles because it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time or also because you cleaned the floor, not completely clean evenly. The dirt then hardens over time so that it covers the tile surface. With this condition, tiles will be vulnerable to being scratched and easily damaged. But don’t worry because you could always call tile cleaning north shore service to help you

But if you want to try to clean dull tiles on your own, it can be done using natural ingredients. The market already sells various types of tile cleaners to deal with dull stains. However, sometimes the type of cleanser that contains acidic substances even though not too much. This acid allows to damage the tile layer which is slowly eroded so it does not shiny again. Although on the other hand, acidic substances are relatively quick to clean up sticky stains such as dull on the tile floor. How to clean it is quite easy. Mix baking soda with white toothpaste, then use a wet cloth and use the mixture to wipe the tile surface. Do it slowly and thoroughly then the dull stain will slowly disappear.

Did you know that oil or oil stains that are not immediately rinsed when touching the tile floor can trigger dull stains on the floor? If this has happened, you cannot remain silent. Washing with clean water or other floor cleaners can sometimes still leave slippery and traces of oil. If it’s like this, you can use flour on the floor and let the flour absorb the oil. After that, clean using a dry cloth and rinse again. But if you want to clean tile effectively, leave it to the professionals.

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