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Deere & Company, under the brand name John Deere, is an American company based in the city of Moline, Illinois. This company is one of the largest manufacturers in the agricultural machinery industry in the world. In 2013, they entered the 86th position in the American Fortune 500 and ranked 308th in the Fortune Global 500. Fortune 500, a list of companies ranked by gross income produced by Fortune magazine every year. Deere & Company focused on operating three business segments: agriculture, construction, and financial services. The popularity of this brand is because the machines offer strength and durability other brands could not deliver well. Besides, with john deere service manuals it will be easy to maintain the machine.

John Deere is a company from the United States that is engaged in the production of heavy equipment, especially equipment for plowing, ranching, farming, agriculture, and agriculture. Its products are sold under the brand name John Deere. Its scope is tractors, reapers, cotton harvesters, sprayers, and UTV. Deere manufactures construction and forestry equipment and supplies diesel engines and other heavy equipment. Besides that, John Deere produces a lot of gardening tools, making it familiar among housewives who like gardening and owners of large yards.

To support its core business, John Deere provides financial services and other related activities. The company’s slogan is “Nothing Can Go Like a Deere” and has the symbol of a jumping deer. Here we find the play on words between “deer” and Deere. Thus making it easy for consumers to remember. John Deere’s ability to balance global expansion, launch new products, and strengthen its business portfolio demonstrates how a 175-year-old brand can maintain its legacy and simultaneously adapt to dynamic demographic changes and market trends. Deere & Company is in the 80th rank (previously 85th) with revenues of approximately $ 37,795 million, profits of $ 3,537 million, and total assets of $ 59,521 million.

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