Olive Oil Is Better Than Other Healthier Oils

Olive oil is better than seed-based frying oils because the quality and nutrition are better or not much change. While the International Olive Oil Council states that olive oil is ideal for frying, but it must be in the right conditions and temperature and not too hot. There is no structural change in olive oil, and the nutritional content remains durable compared to other oils. Not only the antioxidant content but also because of the high oleic acid content. In the meantime, you can visit www.airfryermarket.com if you’re looking for ana excellent air fryer.

How to use cooking oil to stay healthy:

Do not heat cooking oil with the temperature is too high.

Use just enough so that the compounds formed by heating are not excessive.

Before entering the ingredients to be fried, make sure the cooking oil is hot first so the cooking process does not take too long in the oil.

Use paper or tissue to cook fried food so that excess oil can be absorbed by paper or tissue.

So that the compounds formed by heating do not become numerous and do not stick to food, it is better not to use used oil repeatedly.

Store cooking oil in a cool place and not exposed to light so that the content of the oil does not change.

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