Is Stomach Fat More Difficult To Remove Than Thighs Fat?

Getting rid of fat can’t be instant, it just needs to struggle. In general, there are two types of fat that you often encounter: The fat that sticks out in the stomach (visceral) and fat that is under the arm or thigh (subcutaneous). So, between belly fat and thigh fat which is the most difficult to remove? Check out the explanation below. You can visit eat stop eat to get some tips in losing weight.

Abdominal fat is identical to visceral fat. Visceral fat is fat found in the abdominal cavity. This fat encloses the internal organs in the body, such as the liver and spleen. It’s actually hard to see how much abdominal fat is in a person’s body in plain sight. However, a distended abdomen and wide waist can be a sign that you have excessive belly fat. This kind of fat can interfere with the function of other internal organs in the body by removing harmful substances.

The difference with subcutaneous fat, subcutaneous fat is stored right under your skin, especially in the thighs. This thigh fat can easily be pinched or pinched by hand, in contrast to the abdominal fat inside. Aka subcutaneous thigh fat in sufficient quantities is also actually needed to warm the body. Unfortunately, if too much can be bad and a sign of obesity or excess weight.

As mentioned before, visceral fat is a type of fat in which active tissue. That means, abdominal fat not only accumulates but can release something into the body, namely hormones and inflammatory triggers. In fact, belly fat can stimulate hormone production in the body. The main hormone that is stimulated by fat is the hormone cortisol. The higher levels of the hormone cortisol, it will trigger the body to store visceral fat even easier, plus this hormone also stimulates hunger.

Once this visceral fat is present, cortisol production will always appear. The more visceral fat, the more difficult it is to remove because cortisol will be more and more in the body. So that is the explanation of why belly fat is ultimately more difficult to overcome than the problem of thigh fat. However, whatever your condition would not hurt to see a doctor, regular exercise, and overall healthy life.

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