How To Overcome Chainsaw Problem

Cutting down a tree or cutting woods might be hard work for those who are not used to but it could be a soothing and enjoyable work for some. Usually when we do something like cutting wood by using ordinary saws, but some people prefer to work with chainsaws. To use chainsaw we must be using techniques to prevent undesirable things such as the use of chainsaws on a plantation company that wants to open new land, cutting large trees if not based on good techniques can threaten the safety and possibly harm the workers. But other than the technique the quality of the chainsaw itself could give a different result. You could get the best chainsaw at

If you have experienced an occasion where the saw machine is running but the rotation is unstable, or maybe your chainsaw is running, but the chain is not moving then it is a small problem that often occurs and is experienced by many chainsaw users. For experienced chain saw users, this is not a problem, but for those who are ordinary users of a chainsaw who don’t understand the problem about this machine, it just becomes a problem. First thing you need to do is check spark plugs is it still suitable for use or not. It could be the saw engine leaks so that fuel from the saw machine spills into the ignition or combustion chamber.

The operation steps the switch button is in the off position, remove the spark plug, pull the choke lever then pull the recoil starter 5 to 10 times. This step will clean the excess fuel entering the compression chamber. If it has not been successful, then switch it in the on position. Retract ± three times by faltering, when starting the engine if it cannot start, pull the choke lever to full position then start again and if the engine still fails to start then replace the new spark plug and start again. However, if you are still having a problem, it is better to get professional help so it could be fixed without any hassle.

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